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 - CMS greenlights lung cancer screening

Navidea Biopharmaceuticals announced today that technetium-99m tilmanocept (Lymphoseek) has been approved by the European Commission for the detection of sentinel lymph node involvement in primary breast cancer, melanoma and localized squamous cell carcinoma.

 - elderly dental care

Even mild cases of dental disease could have long-term effects on amyloid plaque development and brain health, according to a neuroimaging study published online Nov. 5 in Neurobiology of Aging.

 - male patient

Two novel technetium-99m agents, when used with SPECT or planar imaging, have been found to effectively target prostate specific membrane antigen (PSMA) in advanced prostate cancer within bone, lymph nodes and soft tissues, according to a study published in the November issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

 - heart

Infections related to heart valve prosthesis are usually diagnosed with echocardiography, but it can miss key areas of infection. It is here that FDG PET or leukocute scintigraphy can step in, but a recent comparison study of the two nuclear medicine procedures published Nov. 13 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine shows that FDG PET may be the best option.

 - Medical Isotope Project facility

The Saskatoon, Canada-based Canadian Light Source has reached a major benchmark in the company’s Medical Isotope Project by shipping the first major supply of isotopes, the company announced Friday. Health Canada has yet to approve it, but, with further testing, this technology could begin supplying medical isotopes to medical facilities in the region by 2016.