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Three major quantitative softwares offer cardiologists a comprehensive map of myocardial perfusion and function, but they do not always agree, according to a study in the August issue of the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology.

 - Salience network connectivity predicts frontotemporal dementia progression

F-18 Flutemetamol (F-18 Flute) alone has been used to procure positive or negative results in visual interpretations of beta-amyloid in the brain as a tool to aid in the diagnosis and study of Alzheimer’s disease. Quantitative analysis could further supercharge this technique by bringing in more data about regional and total tracer uptake, according to a study published Aug. 21 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

 - Brain, neuro, carotid stenting

In a direct visual and quantitative comparison of F-18 FET and F-18 DOPA in primary glioma, FET provided more quantitative characterization, but both were successful for tumor delineation, according to a review published Aug. 14 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.

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A $1.5 million contract for the development of an investigative, monoclonal-antibody based PET radiotracer that can detect pancreatic cancer has been awarded to Telik, the Palo Alto-based pharmaceutical company announced today.

 - Doctors Reviewing Data

Radioiodine therapy has been around for a long time now as an effective treatment for thyroid cancer. However there may be some scenarios in which an alternative or combined treatment may be better suited, according to a review published Aug. 11 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.