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 - Brain Imaging

A new method of Alzheimer’s imaging has arrived with an investigative agent that reveals neuro-inflammation via microglia expression of the protein TSPO, according to a scientific presentation Nov. 17 during Neuroscience 2014, the meeting of the Society of Neuroscience, in Chicago.

 - Brain Imaging

As Americans anticipate their Thanksgiving dinners, the gnawing sensation of hunger prepares them to eat perhaps too much turkey or pumpkin pie. The same hormone that produces that sensation of hunger could be the secret to a new therapy protecting Parkinson’s patients from disease-related cell death, according to research presented Nov. 16 during the Society of Neuroscience’s annual meeting in Chicago.

 - USPSTF begins updating breast cancer screening recommendations

A trifecta of cells has been revealed to be the crux of breast cancer metastases. The discovery provides cutting-edge details that could revolutionize the development of diagnostic testing and therapeutic agents for breast cancer, officials at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York announced yesterday.

 - Nanoparticle

Over the past several years, theranostic nanoparticle studies have provided several shining examples of where molecular cancer imaging is going. In this review published ahead of print Nov. 20 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, researchers discuss the triumphs and tribulations of these tiny yet potent structures.

 - Stroke, endovascular. neuroimaging, neuro

Swiss researchers assessing carotid plaque stenoses using FDG-PET found the procedure accurate in detecting high-risk plaques. They also noted a strong correlation between uptake values of FDG and the presence of microembolic signals detected via transcranial Doppler.