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By: Kathy Mahdoubi

Modern medicine has traveled far enough along the road of personalized medicine that we have reached a crossroads between genomics and imaging. Rather than taking a turn at this important intersection, experts are calling on both disciplines to create a map of the vast heterogeneity of each individual tumor using a fleet of imaging techniques, including CT, MRI and PET.

The term radiogenomics is popularly used to describe the growing field of study at this cross-section of imaging-based molecular phenotyping and genetic assays derived from biopsy. Poring over the human genome and epigenetic switches has taken researchers into a new frontier of disease diagnosis, risk stratification, therapy assessment and prognostic medicine. However, the truth is that single biopsy assays are...

 - Robert Atcher
By: Robert W. Atcher, PhD, MBA
I have been thinking lately about issues related to the direction of research funding for the field of molecular imaging. I have to confess my preference for nuclear techniques in this regard since...
 - Paul Schaffer, PhD, TRIUMF
By: Kathy Mahdoubi
Continued shutdowns at research reactors throughout the world have created shortfalls in essential medical isotope supply for several years. 
 - Neuroectodermal Tumour
By: Claudette Lew
Molecular imaging has become increasingly important in the non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of pediatric disease, whether known or suspected. Innovations in molecular oncology, neuroimaging and...
 - Michael Graham, MD, PhD
By: Kathy Mahdoubi
An exclusive interview with Michael Graham, MD, PhD, covering the latest developments in PET radiopharmaceuticals, from drugs just approved and blazing trail in clinical use, to compounds in the far...
By: Anna Steere
Capitalizing on the benefits of hybrid imaging, PET/MR holds much promise for in oncology, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular imaging.
By: Kim Carollo
An increasing emphasis on reducing radiation exposure has prompted a push away from the traditional rest-stress procedure and toward stress-first or stress-only MPI.
 - Genetics
The genetic tests clinicians use to diagnose and stratify breast cancer are getting increasingly complex and studies show that there may be some discordance between generations when assessing a woman...
 - Peter Herscovitch, MD
By: Peter Herscovitch, MD
A knowledgeable voice among nuclear medicine leaders, the president-elect of the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) returns to the pages of Molecular Imaging Insight with some...
 - Image Data Management
By: Anna Steere
The drive for heterogeneity in molecular imaging calls for management of complex imaging data in massive volumes, a task that is challenging information technology experts and medical community...