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XTuit Pharmaceuticals brings in $4M investment for cancer research

A $4 million boon is going to Waltham, Mass.-based biomedical company XTuit Pharmaceuticals. The cancer therapy researchers behind XTuit plan to raise an additional $6 million in investments, according to a recent filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Theranostic PET could predict renal cancer progression after therapy

A novel PET technique combining a diagnostic radionuclide with a therapeutic agent can now map the potential results of therapy for advanced renal cell carcinoma, according to a study published Dec. 4 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine

The age of theranostic nanoparticles

Over the past several years, theranostic nanoparticle studies have provided several shining examples of where molecular cancer imaging is going. In this review published ahead of print Nov. 20 in the Journal of Nuclear Medicine, researchers discuss the triumphs and tribulations of these tiny yet potent structures.

First-in-human study of novel integrin receptor PET tracer

The first PET imaging study of its kind to show the viability of tumor angiogenesis imaging in humans with investigational Ga-68 NODAGA-Theranost has been conducted by researchers from the Theranostics Center for Molecular Radiotherapy and Molecular Imaging in Bad Berka, Germany, and other institutions including the National Cancer Institute and Advanced Imaging Projects based in Boca Raton, Fla. Molecular Imaging has obtained an exclusive sneak-peek at the study.

AAA acquires GE's FDG-PET sector in Italy

Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA) announced today that it has acquired GE Healthcare’s FDG-PET radiopharmaceutical division in Italy.

Anti-tau treatment blocks a form of pediatric epilepsy

A reduction in tau protein levels in the brain effectively curtails the progression of Dravet syndrome, a serious form of epilepsy in children, the Gladstone Institutes announced Aug. 13.

Progenics to host industry conference call

Progenics Pharmaceuticals, a producer of oncologic drugs, most notably a prostate-specific membrane antigen targeted therapy currently in clinical trials, has announced that the company will be hosting a conference call to review second quarter 2014 financials and other topics on Friday, Aug. 8.

Global companion diagnostics market reached $26B last year and growing

The market for companion diagnostics was valued at $26 billion in 2013 and is projected to grow at an annual growth rate of 22.9 percent during the next decade, according to a new market research report published in June and announced by Research and Markets.

NCM and ImaginAb to commercialize Zr-89

New York City-based PET radiopharmaceutical development company NCM USA announced this month that ImaginAb will be working on labeling zirconium-89 (Zr-89) and manufacturing practice in a new long-term contract with NCM.

Market for companion diagnostics set to grow

Diagnostic tests that inform selection and efficacy of therapy go by a few different names, including theranostics and companion diagnostics, but whatever you call them, the market for these tests is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.9 percent and non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) tests are expected to account for 55 percent of market value this year, according to a report published this month by GlobalData.