Imaging Endpoints teams up with AG Mednet on clinical trials

Boston-based AG Mednet announced yesterday that the software company would be partnering with board-certified radiologists from the clinical research organization Imaging Endpoints, headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., to improve the latter's clinical trial submission quality and compliance in the realms of oncology, neurology, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health.

“Our partnership with AG Mednet helps us automate the quality and submission process to avoid the costly delays and human errors that plague traditional approaches to transferring and submitting clinical trial data,” said Doug Dean Burkett, PhD, Imaging Endpoints chief executive officer and president, in a press release. “This also assists us in providing economical real-time eligibility and response reads to sponsors conducting clinical trials globally.”

The software is designed to detect flaws in clinical trial applications and other submissions, update electronic data capture and reduce agency queries and other hold-ups. AG Mednet touts that its software has led to a 75 percent drop in such queries.

“AG Mednet and Imaging Endpoints share a vision for the clinical trial industry," added Abraham Gutman, president of AG Mednet. "We believe every imaging endpoint counts. Every piece of information – and its accuracy – is vital to the eventual success or failure of a clinical trial."